Skills: User research, UX, Prototyping
Team: Project owner, Product Manager, UX, UX researcher, Front/Backend engineers  


eBay is constantly seeking to innovate on and off their core marketplace platform. They had identified an opportunity to increase the inventory of new products by integrating 3rd party web carts more seamlessly with their core marketplace.

The project was working with eBay’s UK centre of excellence in Richmond. I worked alongside eBay’s product owner and product manager to lead product scoping, customer research and experience design.



Business Challenge

To increase the inventory of new products being listed on eBay

Customer Insight

The listing process is too slow and complicated that sellers can’t manage the ongoing additional administrative overhead.

Service Vision 

Provide a tool that seamlessly integrates any webcart inventory with eBay’s marketplace.




I carried out an audit of the webcart market to find benchmarks, state-of-the-art as well as evaluating integration possibilities.

We worked initially with a leading UK platform. I facilitated design workshops to gather requirements and map the service experience between their application and the eBay marketplace. These workshops also enabled us to define customer personas that we would use throughout the design phase to orientate the feature set and define research requirements.


One of the challenges with any application that adopts an agile framework is how to integrate the different activities as effectively and efficiently as possible. After a few sprints we began to find our cadence through a combination of low fidelity sketches to communicate direction and intent that the team could evaluate. These were sufficient to begin planning the backlog and enabled a higher resolution ux prototype to be produced in time for development sprints and user research.


User research


I find that enlisting the help of users as a part of the team is one of the most valuable activities to undertake to create useful, usable products. With our carefully recruited users I was able to do a combination of in-person and remote testing of various prototypes which gave us great insights into any stumbling blocks which I refined in subsequent iterations.

Recorded user research sessions

Recorded user research sessions




The integration tool has been adopted by several webcarts providing eBay with a valuable increase in inventory. Time-to-list was reduced making it easier for shop owners to operate a multi-channel shopping strategy.



Remote usability testing
Contextual interviews
Stakeholder interviews
Workshop facilitation
Wireframes, prototyping, task flows
Sprint planning