Skills: User research, UX, Prototyping
Team: UX, Frontend engineers, Founders


ReChannel are a venture backed startup focussed changing the way fashion wholesale buying happens.

I worked with the founding team to rethink their application experience. This work reinvigorated the business by shedding new light on the needs of their customers and moved the products ux forward.

This work laid the foundations for the business to better service their early adopter clients.



Business Challenge

To simplify the way wholesale procurement is done for fashion brands and retailers.

Customer Insight

The fashion industry is heavily dependent on offline and paper based processes that makes it difficult for retailers to find, manage and buy from brands.

Service Vision 

Turn laborious business buying processes into a simple, powerful, accessible platform that connect brands with retail buyers.

Neil helped us to begin to visualise the new product we wanted to build. He was able to understand the product and its required functionality quickly; he worked methodically and used market feedback where possible to validate his decisions. Our business objectives at the time were to begin to visualise the new product and Neil was crucial to beginning this process.
— Miriam Cooper. Director



Through an iterative process that blended lean ux methodology with user centred design, I mapped out the customer experience, discovering opportunities to improve the existing application. This discovery work fed into iterations of prototypes that I tested with end users.

Often with client teams I find there is a mass of knowledge retained by expert individuals that needs to be shared across the whole team.

To communicate this I held workshops that generated lightweight, behavioural personas, customer experience journeys. This was combined with domain artefacts to give us a map of the current situation and aspirations.

Service journey interaction across agents

Service journey interaction across agents


Walking through the customer journey the complexity and breadth of the feature list quickly grew. For example multiple staff could be working on the system concurrently, providing team members with tools to check outstanding tasks, browse and order from collections as well as managing the order process. Insights also suggested that a management view would be valuable so that activity, to-do’s and performance could be glanced.

Clearly this would take a significant effort to accomplish and with punchy timelines, the only feasible approach was to focus on a couple of key journeys and high level structure.

Before committing to a solution I drew out various architectures and interfaces to rapidly share ideas for how the the online buying platform could work.


Research & prototyping


I carried out a couple of rounds of user research. Given the time and budget constraints, the sessions combined interviews with testing the prototype. The interviews helped to prioritise the feature roadmap and open up themes for the client to explore further. Getting hands-on with the prototype highlighted screen level issues such as signposting and flow that helped to improve future iterations.




Through a process that blended contemporary lean ux methodology with classic user centred design, we reinvigorated the products’ core ux to enable ReChannel’s customers to become more productive. This work laid the foundations for the business to confidently scale their client base with a powerful, effective application their customers value.



Remote usability testing
Contextual interviews
Workshop facilitation
Wireframes, prototyping, task flows